The purpose of this website is to advocate for equal rights.  I began writing about my own everyday experiences in an effort to call out the need for equality.   Overheard conversations, social media and current events have underscored my sense of being a contemporary woman living and working in a world comprised of far too many outmoded practices that impede equality.  

Finding a balance between strength, vulnerability, and humor it is my aim to present thought provoking essays and articles related to being a feminist, mother, teacher, artist, writer and lover.   

I am comforted by a sense of being in control (at times simply to avoid a nervous breakdown).  Feminist, feminine, and female, I am interested in women's issues and how they impact all.  

Enjoy.....kick and scream, question, and demand change!

“The life you have led doesn’t need to be the only life you have.”

       – Anna Quindlen